Crown and Bridge

Crowns are used to restore broken-down teeth or cosmetically change their appearance. A dental bridge is a series of connected crowns used to fill a gap. 

A crown, often called as a cap, is a type of dental prosthesis which covers and protects a tooth. Crowns are indicated when a cavity is too large to be filled; it is safe to say when missing tooth structure is larger than your natural tooth, you may be indicated for dental crown.  At my family dentist Irving, we take the conservative approach to restore a tooth, but if you don’t crown a tooth when it is indicated, your teeth may be at risk for fracture.    

The procedure for dental crown involves preparation of tooth by a dentist and then take impression of teeth then impression is sent to the lab to fabricate custom-made the crown.   They can be made from different materials, traditionally it was made with gold but due to poor esthetics and high gold cost.  Another old method is PFM, porcelain fused metal crown. They can be useful when there is not enough room to fit crown. At my family dentist Irving we mainly do all ceramic crown which is made out of zirconia.  They are very strong and aesthetically pleasing molar teeth. For anterior teeth, with more aesthetically demanding area, e-max or other all ceramic crown may be used.

Dental bridges  are 2 or more crowns that are connected. Usually a bridge is used to camouflage the gap created by one or more missing teeth. The crowns of missing teeth are held by adjacent abutment teeth. If your abutment teeth also needs crowns, an implant is contraindicated (due to health, significant bone loss) bridge can be a good choice to replace missing teeth.  

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